1998 онд ШУТИС-ийн МХТС-ийн мэдээллийн технологийн ангийг төгсөгчид сургууль дээрээ уулзалдана

Over half the world's population is concentrated in urban areas covering just 4 % of the world's surface. In particular, mega cities (with populations greater than 10 million) are characterized by a high population density and tremendous pressure on supporting infrastructure, increasing susceptibility to lack of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation. Both rapid urbanization and economic development are distinctive features of Asia along with the tremendous rate of population growth. It is estimated that by 2015, Asia will hold more than 50% of the mega cities in the world. ssss

Phenomenal growth in the number of high-rise buildings and other infrastructure in these cities is already underway, although measures for their maintenance are not often ensured. Recent developments in various fields have focused on devising new methodologies for management of urban assets and infrastructure to mitigate damage during disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and terrorism. Given the critical situation in Asia, increased effort to learn from these developments and provide a safer environment is vital. This can be achieved only when the different concerned groups, including researchers, practicing engineers, emergency managers, decision makers, and more share their concerns and expertise. 

Recognizing the importance of applying advanced tools in urban safety, Asian Institute of Technology, Chiang Mai University, Chulalongkorn University, and The University of Tokyo are hosting, sponsoring, and organizing a 3-day international symposium in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on new technologies for urban safety of mega cities in Asia. The symposium will cover two days (Oct. 12 and 13), followed by a one-day post-symposium tour around the Chiang Mai area (Oct. 14). 

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